GASTHAUS LAMM   Schuhgasse 1  
89182 Bernstadt    

Tel. 07345-22681   
und 07348-7988

Our rooms

With a flexible room concept we are able to offer low-priced 1-4-bed rooms with bathrooms on the floor or 2-3-room appartments with shower/wc ensuite.

All our guests may use our cooking and cooling facilities and two large guest longes. If the weather is fine you can relax in our nice and spacious garden.

1-4-bed rooms with bathroom on the floor

We have nice and comfortable 1-4 bed rooms with shower/WC on the floor. On request we canm supply a TV set.

2-3-room appartments with shower/WC/TV

Our spacious 2-6 bed-appartments have shower and WC ensuite and a TV set.


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